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Signals Room

Platform of signals of Futures and Trading Spot. Experienced traders share their experience and technical analysis with registered users of the platform.

Easy to use platform that does not have trading functions. Our service tells you the parameters to open a position.

Important: the service offers high risk trading indications, we recommend its use to aware users.

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Non-automatic subscription, suspend whenever you want


Trading signals for fast or investment transactions

Platform payments

You can access the subscription by paying with crypto stablecoin



How does it work

Free trial

5 days free trial

You can try our platform for 5 days for free and with no purchase commitment. Some trading operations last a few hours. You will be able to pay for your earnings subscription.

Signals trade


Within the platform you receive daily stock market signals. You are free to choose a signal or wait for the next one.

Share result trading

Share result

At the end of each trading operation you will be asked to indicate the percentage of profit. I might as well leave a comment. The comments and earnings will be shared with all registered users.

Do you trade and often don't make enough money? Try the service for 5 days for free, you can only earn!

Cryptocurrencies Altcoin

Crypto trading

We offer the signals of the major cryptocurrencies. Sometimes we offer signals about new coins and meme coins.

  • BTC

  • Stablecoin

  • Altcoin

  • MemeCoin

  • NewCoins

Trading platforms where you can open your positions


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